1.  This public protest started on August 5, 2000, in front of Terrace Gate Acura in Toronto, Canada. The protest was repeated every Saturday between 11:00 AM till approximately 2:00 PM. My protest is legal and the police did not interfere, except for the first protest, when they were called by Terrace Gate Acura. The police was also called the next Saturday, but Terrace Gate Acura was told that my protest was legal. The protest is a success, since many people are stopping by to inquire about it. The protest is intended to promote the website so people can have a forum for complaints about Acura and their dealerships. Terrace Gate Acura was intentionally targeted because the whole idea of was stared by the very poor quality of their workmanship done on my Acura Legend.  (Please click here to see my story).
George Oprea, Toronto, Canada, September 6, 2000

2. I'm with you, I hate acura. Their cars are so unreliable. They break down  too easily and sooner than later everything crashes. I saw someone on  Kingston road in Toronto holding a sign saying "". Moments later I saw police officers there to escort the person away! Oh well I mailed to say I like the point you are trying to make. There is nooooooooooooo waaaay that I will ever buy an acura. Thank you for shedding light on a topic such as this.
Jason Wordtmann

3. Over many years Chuck Clayton (dealer principle) has made an embarrassment of the Acura name and to his dealership. You will see many more complaints about this dealer in the future. Fortunately some dealers are better than others. Terrace Gate Acura gives car sales people a reason to hang there heads in shame. But remember employee's are a reflection of there owner. I've recommended changing the name to TERRIBLE GATE ACURA. But no answer from the manufacturer. If you did a random survey among sales people, dealers and customers this dealer would be banned from selling cars in my opinion.
dealername:  acura of north toronto
email:     coula82
location:  yonge and steels
realname:  Can't say
state:     ontario

4.  To:  <> Replace George Oprea engine or cover the cost for him to get his engine fixed... I am really shocked and disappointed with your Customer Service!! I hope this is not how you treat all of your customers...

5. I read your story about Terrace Gate, I live at the foot of Markham Rd. and I found the salesman I dealt with there to be fairly slimey himself. It's getting harder and harder to find half decent and honest car repair places in Scarborough. Maybe you should try taking your car to Performance Exhaust? I've been taking my two cars there since 1990, and they're great.
Take care!
Jonathan Eaton

6. ...Mr. Oprea, upon reading about your Acura Legend, I really feel bad for you. So Terrace Gate is really that incompetent, huh?

I own a 1993 Nissan Maxima, but the 1991 - 1995 Legends were and are still one of my most favourite cars. I couldn't buy one due to insurance costs and expensive maintenance (I'm a starving student!), but I'm curious. At what mileage did you experience the head gasket problem? The engines in these cars are supposedly really solid and reliable, and sparkling performers. Did you ever drive the car hard?

Again, my condolences on such an experience, and wow, what the hell kind of company jerks you around like that, especially the people at the head office? I never liked Honda and I really don’t like Acura now. I hope

you're currently owning a trouble-free car.


7. This is just a note of KEEP UP the good work guys... I saw you all in front of terrace gate the other day so I looked up this site, all I can say is Thank Christ I Just Spent $40K on a GMC TRUCK. Good luck
j.p. morgan, Toronto

8. After a lot of research, I decided to buy an Acura 3.2TL this year. Terrace Gate is perhaps the closest dealer to me, so we went there to get details and prices. Cynthia, the saleslady, was very pleasant to deal with, and we left to think about the purchase before proceeding. In the meantime, I came across your website, and was shocked to hear about your problems with Terrace Gate. I have since purchased my Acura from a DIFFERENT dealer and must say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Acura, so far. Hopefully my experience with this other dealership will prove to be more satisfying than your's was with Terrace Gate. When I think of how close I came to being involved with them, I shudder. THANK YOU! YOU ARE MY SAVIOR!!!
J. Bosworth, Toronto