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My sister has an Acura 3.2 T.L,2000. About a month ago she was driving me to work, and the back window shattered out of the blue. The whole glass shattered into pieces, there were no cracks or anything in the window previously. I was in the back seat of the car along with my five-year-old son. I heard a loud pop, and then the glass shattered and then fell through. My hand was cut. My sister had the car towed and then brought it to Acura Woodbine where she received the worst treatment. The service men were treating her like a liar, and thought she had actually shattered the glass herself. One of the service men had the nerve to smile at her and laugh when she had said her nephew could have been hurt. They called some sort of investigators to take a look at the glass to see how it shattered. They were originally trying to charge her 900.00 to repair the window that was faulty from the moment she purchased the new car. Finally when the "investigators" came to view the car they confirmed that the window was faulty to begin with, and there was no way that window was shattered by human hands. All Acura gave my sister for compensation, was three service calls free... as if that is enough. Acura was lucky that my son, or myself wasn't damaged badly, or they would have a serious lawsuit on their hands.. If my sister was driving on the highway, and not in a parking lot when this happened.. she would be getting a lot more than three service calls free….Acura Sucks

Tricia Warner

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